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Barbara is a creative visionary and storyteller.

As a Director and Choreographer she combines the creative delivery process to produce the ultimate integrated vision without compromise or fragmentation.

Having directed Peter Pan 14 times since the year 2000 she has created flying sequences on a yearly basis working alongside Broadway specialists. Barbara specializes in narrative driven theatrical experiences integrating the creative technology with the performers to create a multi-layered commercial medium.

As a visual movement specialist her choreography has covered a broad spectrum of theatre from Opera to Street Dance , Acrobatics to Latin-American.
Her work uses extreme choreography and innovative design to create a textured theatrical landscape for the 21st Century and a unique emotional resonance that engages the audience whatever the venue.

In her career as a jazz specialist she has lectured worldwide and has access to the most elite dancers and performers in the industry.

Barbara’s imagination and vision creates a unique visual brand identity incorporating ideas that are realistically produceable across multiple platforms.

Her career has crossed many sectors and has lead to the multi-dimensional nature of her work .


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9/9/16 - EVOLUTION

Barbara is the Creative Director and Choreographer of Evolution which opens in October 2016 . Evolution is a concept show integrating dancers and singers with aerial artistes .

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